Beverage Flavors International LLC (BFI) is a manufacturer and exporter of proprietary beverage flavor bases and sweetener solutions for the beverage manufacturing industry.

BFI empowers beverage manufacturers worldwide to develop highly successful brands. Our bases are used by beverage manufacturers in the USA and 30+ other countries around the world to make delicious, full-flavored and cost-effective fruit flavored drinks.

BFI also makes a line of flavor bases (syrups) for carbonated soft drinks and provides customized sweetener solutions.

Consumers recognize and prefer the superior taste of beverages made with BFI flavor bases. The quality finished product is the end result of our extensive research and development process and industry experience.

BFI delivers stable, easy-to-blend, cost-effective and value-added formulations that ensure bottlers are receiving a high-quality product at a great price.

The BFI team has the expertise to provide the on-site training, formulations and procedures that ensure a delicious, flavorful product with a full shelf life. Our customers benefit from BFI's extensive global experience in the beverage industry to achieve high consumer and retail acceptance and greater profit margins.