Beverage Flavors International (BFI) specializes in manufacturing proprietary beverage flavor concentrates for the private label/private brand market. BFI concentrates are used by beverage manufacturers in the USA and 30+ other countries around the world to make delicious, full-flavored and inexpensive fruit flavored drinks.

BFI is able to provide partners a superior product thanks to their commitment to high-quality and industry standards. We manufacture and deliver products that meet the highest food safety and quality standards. BFI maintains their long-standing reputation as an experienced, reliable and innovative beverage manufacturing partner through their commitment to industry standards and certifications:

  • BFI maintains a plant that operates under FDA regulations and a HACCP based quality system program that is independently audited by a 3rd party, ensuring that the product we ship is of the highest quality possible.

  • BFI complies with the FDA Code of Federal Regulations, 21 CFR Part 110.

  • All BFI product lines are certified as Kosher and Pareve. For more information regarding this commitment to our customers, please click here.