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Beverage Flavors International is a Chicago-based manufacturer of proprietary flavor bases (emulsions) and supplier of customized, high intensity sweetener blends. BFI products are used by beverage manufacturers worldwide to make fruit-flavored beverages, for both national brands and private labels.

BFI bases use only 100% natural flavors. Our product portfolio also includes flavors with 100% natural colors.

BFI is proud to have satisfied bottler customers in over 30 countries. Our products provide them with:

  • High quality ingredients
  • Excellent stability
  • Superior flavor, aroma and mouthfeel
  • No unpleasant “chemical” aftertaste
  • High consumer acceptance
  • Participation in high volume beverage categories
  • Strong profit margins
  • BFI’s technical support with production and QC issues
  • BFI’s experience in the global beverage industry


100% Natural BFI-50 50 calories Orange Juice Beverage