Research & Development

All Beverage Flavors International flavor bases are manufactured at our Chicago, Illinois production plant. 

BFI’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility uses the most modern, efficient and hygienic production methods available. Using both on-site and off-site lab facilities, our quality control team monitors and analyzes each individual batch produced. This ensures that only top-quality product is shipped to our customers. 

Our quality and sanitation standards consistently meets or exceeds FDA regulatory requirements for quality and food safety. 

We do not keep large concentrate inventories but we rather manufacture to order, to ensure that our customers receive the freshest product possible. The BFI Quality Assurance team performs extensive testing of each batch before releasing that product for shipment. They are directly involved throughout in the manufacturing process to ensure only the highest quality product leaves our plant. 

Our technical team is available to assist beverage manufacturers with production issues and customization of their products according to their needs and the requirements of their markets.  

BFI has extensive experience working with a variety of beverage manufacturers, from dairies to multi-national beverage corporations to smaller, independent bottlers. 

BFI's logistical expertise enables them to supply beverage bottling plants virtually anywhere in the world. In fact, BFI currently ships their products to over 30 different countries.